Offering A Unique Experience To Each Traveler

When traveling, are you struggling to figure out which spots are worth visiting? If so, Leadme can make a difference.
On our mobile app, you can get a clear idea of the spots, bars, restaurants, and entertainments that locals with similar lifestyles and interests to yours, favor!

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LeadMe is changing the way travelers access information, offering them personalized recommendations through an intuitive, reliable and easy-to-use mobile app.

Trusted network

All the profiles on the application are certified which allows you to get real, authentic, and unique recommendations.

Quick and easy

Find what you are looking for by getting fast access to locals’ favorite spots.


The recommendations you access are based on your lifestyle, preferred activities, and interests – making each of your experiences special and unique.


Connect with friends, influencers, and locals all over the world to get ideas for your future destinations.


Share your favorite experiences and spots with your network in order to help them plan their future trips.


Security and privacy are key when managing and protecting the data of our members. Be aware that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and have developed our own best practices to ensure Leadme is safe and secure.
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How does it work?

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is set up your profile by answering a few questions and the app will automatically match you with locals that have similar interests in the city you are located in – or in the city you select.

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We can’t wait to share with you our next steps. If you would like to help us bring Leadme to life, you can support us - every contribution will be rewarded. Thank you. Victor & Thibault